Bow seen around the world

Tavi Gevinson, famously known around the fashion world for her witty and humorous blog--Style Rookie, has recently stirred up some controversy for her latest fashion choice. While staged front row to the latest Givenchy show she wore a humongous, yet glamorous bow. People from all stages of life were complaining how they couldn’t see the runway, or plainly, that it was a distraction. In my opinion—the bow was amazing, and I applaud her. Everything this 13-year-old fashionista does is genius. I’m often asked why I look up to her. My reply consists of  “Why don’t you look up to her? You’re obviously the one that needs her fashion advice.”
(John Gallino and Tavi with the bow. Photo from www.stylist.com)

I’m going to use the second part of this blog to explain a little bit about myself.  I am seventeen year old average teenage boy who just happens to be absolutely, borderline obsessed with everything fashion.  I live in a small Midwestern town, where fashion is not only nonexistent, but also something that is never brought up in normal conversation.  I’m inspired by many things—the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, the color of white. I love art, I love books and I love writing.  My weaknesses are chocolate, the movie Mean Girls, clothes, and Anna Wintour. I’m inspired most by Marie Antoinette and my guilty pleasure is the television show is 16 and Pregnant.  I started this fashion blog, because I needed somewhere to post the creative thoughts that are constantly swimming within the depths of my mind.  The four things I never leave my house without are; my blackberry, my sketchbook, my favorite pair of ultra slim skinny-jeans, and the latest issue of American Vogue.  My main purpose of Fashion's Religion is to reach out to anyone and everyone who shares my passion for fashion.  I plan to update every Monday but just like any other person I’m super busy with school, work, and unfortunately very little play. But what is new when your world just happens to be the world of fashion?


christian said...

Love it. Talent at its finest. I plan on being an avid follower. Annnnnnnd I <3 Tavi Perched

Roma said...

I too am from a small town. I live in upstate new york and go to school with a bunch of aberzombies who were ugglies and vs pink sweats and say they want to be designers. Its nice to know there are cool people out there who live in nowheres ville