Obsession of the Week: Scott Schuman's, The Sartorialist

Many of you have probably heard of Scott Schuman's famous blog, The Sartorialist. Basically, Schuman travels the world and takes pictures of people on the street who have impeccable style. Being seen on his blog is truly the place you want to be seen. And late last year he published a book that has over 500 of his favorite street-chic photos. I finally was able to get my hands on a copy, and let me tell you, I devoured it in one day. I carefully went though each and every photo and studied each persons' unique style.

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Here is the front cover of the book. And my new sunglasses. Sorry that the cover is backwards, I took the photo with my Macbook Photobooth, and I couldn't figure out how to flip it.

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All the white pieces you see at the top were used to mark my favorite photos in the book. I marked over a hundred or so. And yes, my sunglasses open up and they are divine. I cannot wait to break in these babies.

I scanned 4 photos that were in my top 10 of favorites. Here they are: p.s. I'm sorry for the crappy scan job, my book was really bulky and it was not cooperating.

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I chose this lady because she proves that one can be stylish at any age. When most people grow old they buy younger clothing, and they use creams and other beauty remedies to fight the aging process. But this women buys clothes that fit her age, and she dresses so well that It was hard for me to guess her true age, which is still a mystery to me. I just hope that when I'm older I posses the stylish grace this women has.

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Hobo-chic? Absolutely! If many of you were in New York City and you saw this man on the street, you would probably reach in your pocket and take out a dollar for the poor, poor man. And he would probably give the dollar back and laugh in your face. This man that resembles a hobo actually works as a creative director for Ralph Lauren. Therefore, this man probably makes double what you make. I love this photo because he works for such a high-class fashion label, and he walks out of the house looking like that. Major respect for the man.

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When I first laid eyes on the girl and her big fur coat, I didn't like it, but the more I studied the picture and her unique style, I slowly started to fall in love. Something about her screams, "I look cute, but don't mess with me." I also admire how she is able to pull off that coat with such simplicity.

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And I saved the best for last. I am in love with this guys style. I'm in love with the way he holds himself, his clothes, everything. I couldn't take my eyes off this picture when I first saw it, because there was a strange mystery about the photo. Like a puzzle that I so desperately wanted to put together, but couldn't. If I ever got the chance I would love to sit down and have a chat with this guy.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit Schott Schuman's blog: The Sartorialist. And if you can please purchase this book, you can get it here from amazon.com.

I will never get rid of this book.



fashion_freak said...

the guy on the last picture is amazing. *.*

pinktink690 said...

Meow and WOW! The guy in the last picture is just so cute and classy. He screams rip me apart but dont hurt the cloths lmao:)

Gustav Broström said...

I'm in that book, twice. SCORE! My boss at the time named it the biggest fashion achievement of the year............ My boss like me a lot better after he saw me in Scott's book.