NEWS - Press Release of Some Sort

Many of you guys know that it's my dream to be the Editor of American Vogue. But most of you probably do not know that I would also like to start my own fashion publication. Therefore, I am turning Fashion's Religion around. I want Fashion's Religion to be less of a personal blog and more of a professional publication. I'm just the professional type of person. Fashion's Religion is still going to be covering all things fashion, culture, and art. There will be no real changes as far as what we write about.

My main goal for Fashion's Religion is to be less mainstream and introduce the youth of fashion and the arts. Fashion's Religion will still be covering the labels that make fashion what it is today, but there are so many bright young artists out there that deserve to be discovered.

Since I have decided on these changes I have decided to broaden the staff here at Fashion's Religion. The newest member of Fashion's Religion is Jahaira Morales. I am delighted and proud to name her Fashion's Religions official Editor-at-Large. You will see stories of her covering fashion and culture all the same. Also as of now I am looking for a few contributing editors. If any of you are interested please email me at msestvanko@fashionsreligion.com for details.

I am working on getting some more changes set up, so please stay tuned for more news. Everyone have a fantastic weekend.

Stay stylish and be safe


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