A Fashion Funeral is Far from Unfabulous

On February 11th 2010 I received the devastating news that Lee Alexander McQueen had committed suicide. I have always idolized McQueen and he was at the top of my list for favorite designers, so the only thing I could think of to do was to cry. I'm not afraid to admit that I cried for hours after hearing the news that the man who defines British Fashion is no longer with us. I wrote a small tribute for him a while back.

Yesterday fashions elite held a memorial service for McQueen at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. If I could have been anywhere yesterday it would have been there so I could have paid my respects to one of the greatest men in fashion. So many of fashion's most known and most powerful paid their respects. It was reported that Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune spoke at the service. People like Anna Wintour, Sara Jessica Parker and Naomi Campbell were spotted walking into St. Paul's.

(Anna Wintour paying her respects)

(Anna Wintour in Alexander McQueen)

(Naomi Campbell in Alexander McQueen)

(Close up of Naomi)

(Kate Moss)

(Kate Moss)

(Sara Jessica Parker)

(Sara Jessica Parker)

(Hamish Bowls & Anna wintour)

(St. Paul's Cathedral)

If you guys find anymore great pictures of his service then please feel free to post them in the comments.

Although it's fun to look at the clothes and the people, we have to remember this wasn't a fashion show, but a very sad day. The clothes that all of those people are wearing were made by one of the most talented people in the industry, and clothes like that we never be produced again. Long live the king of British Fashion, Lee Alexander McQueen!

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(Photos from: The Telegraph UK, Metro UK, Contactmusic.com, Reuters India, Monsters and Critics, PA, Imnotobsessed.com, Marie Claire UK and Vogue UK)


ifashionberry said...

Ohh! When i heard about this i was so shocked! Such an amazing designer and when was said to hear him go. Great blog :) Im a huge fan of your header! And thanks for the comment on my blog! You're right! Guys should be able to wear heels! It'd be really different, I like the idea....well! Im following for sure!

jessica said...

i too have always idolized McQueen, his death left a gaping void in the fashion world. i hope that when i pass on i leave a legacy one tenth as beautiful as his.