Spring/Summer 2011 RTW - Christian Siriano

Everybody who is anybody knows the face of the youngest person ever to win Lifetime's hit show, Project Runway. His thick framed glasses and edgy haircut made Christian Siriano unforgettable. Siriano was one of the first to show during Fashion Week this season, and once again did fashion justice with a one-of-a-kind collection.

Christian set the tone with a very neutral fitted leather jacket and straight-legged white pants that fit the model perfectly. The collection was filled with a lot of white, camel, and neutral colors, with some colorful prints. In a Style.com interview Siriano said that his clothes were, "A bit of African, a bit of Asian, a bit of Mediterranean-Greek." So all-in-all he showed us a collage of all different types of cultures. Here were my favorite looks of his collection.

These eight looks were my favorite out of his forty. And I hate to say this but I expected more out of Christian, his older work is more artistic is more Christian, I don't know about you guys but whenever I see this collection I see a lot of Oscar De La Renta inspired work. No? Well, maybe it's just me. But don't fret, there is more. The show stopper for me was his last two garments.

These two garments above are what Christian is all about. Those were the only two that actually made me gasp for air. I love how delicately he placed the feathers to really bulk the dress. For me, I truly hope to see a starlet wear one of those dresses on the red-carpet very soon!


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