Spring/Summer 2011 RTW - Fendi

Many of you may be wondering why I haven't posted anything from London Fashion Week or Milan Fashion Week. Well there are two reasons. Reason number one is because I have been very busy with school work. College is so stupid, they don't stop classes just because it's fashion week. Lame, I know. Reason number two, I haven't been inspired to write anything about anyone's collection. London Fashion week didn't have anything exciting except for the Burberry show. I was planning a review for them but got caught up with other stuff. If you haven't seen Burberry's s/s 2011 show go watch it now. The collection was good girl gone bad, biker style. I really enjoyed seeing something different from Christopher Bailey. He tends to do the same thing season after season.

So anyway, today while watching the Fendi show I kept getting chill after chill. Maybe it's because I'm so passionately in love with a well made garment. Or maybe it's because I'm so passionately in love with Karl Lagerfeld -- The man who makes the well made garment. The same man who brings us Chanel every season "insert dreamy look here while I think about Chanel"

Geometry and colors are what Lagerfeld favored for this seasons Fendi collection. His color palette was interesting featuring pastel purples, greens, and blues. He also used a lot of white but the white garments were interesting because he used a stain technique which made the garment pop. Here are my favorite looks from the runway:

Overall this collection was amazing. I admired the fact he didn't use florals for spring, like a lot of his competitors did.

Also in other news Paris Fashion Week starts in a few days. I am beyond stoked.

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