If Only Sweaters Grew on Trees - Slow Fashioned

Because I have no life, I like to take pictures of myself and post them on the internet! Actually I'm showing you all the two newest items to my wardrobe.

Sweater - H&M
Sunglasses - Ray-Bans, a gift from my aunt.

My newest goal in life is to have a wardrobe consisting of nothing but sweaters. Sweaters to me make the world go round. They are my favorite article of clothing.

In other news, Please check out the blog Slow Fashioned. Jessica bourland's witty writing and eco-friendly fashion tips are as entertaining as they are helpful. Jessica is lovely, you'll love her.


fashion_freak said...

cute sweater, and the shades look fab on you, darling :) xo
fashion_freak, editor of

Fashion's Religion said...

Thanks darlin'!

jessica said...

great sweater! it almost has a vintage 80's Cosby Show vibe to it, but much more subtle.

and thanks for the shout out! your lovely!

Fashion's Religion said...

That is exactly what I was thinking. I saw the sweater from across the room and fall passionately in love with it.

And no problem Jessica! I love your work.

xox Marcus

Ellinor Forje said...

I love that sweater too. You wear it well. Nice blog, come visit me on mine.


SOFIA said...

мне тож нравится!))

Fashion's Religion said...

I wish I could read your comment darlin'! But thank you for stopping by my blog.

xox Marcus

SOFIA said...

hello once again!I translated your comment-you said that my works are unlikely!))explain to me please!I study on speciality architect, and draw illustrations in own time, and I draw as able, I do not have such good knowledges about fashion illustrations!I will be very thankful you, if you will prompt me sites the or articles, or competitions about fashion illustrations, that I could understand what sense!beforehand thank you!))<3

p.s. forgive for my English, I write through translator(

iUnderEye said...

That is a hot sweater, loving the thickness and patterned weaving. Looks great! Oh and thanks for reading. x


Anonymous said...

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