Cher-Tastic & Naked Love

Today while reading the New York Times and sipping on my chocolate raspberry coffee, I came across this really cool story(Click on story and read please!) on Courtney Love, I'm obviously obsessed with everything Courtney Love related so I read the story in 3 minuets and came to the conclusion that I really do think Ms. Love is on the road of recovery. And I also believe everyone should give her a second chance, she is a person for gods sake. Everyone makes mistakes.

A friend sent me an email this morning saying, "Check this out!" and sent me a link to Style.com's new Beauty Icon feature showcasing Cher. Now, I'm not a total Cher fan, but I did fall in love with the pictures, more so that I really wanted to jam Do You Believe in Life after Love while looking and reading about the pictures, but I resisted the urge and decided to blog about it instead.

I've never noticed before how cute of a girl Cher really is... Oh! and since whenever I think of Cher my mind instantly goes to Madonna, I don't know why! It just does! Anyway, what kind of post would this be without a naked picture of the splendid virgin being touched for the very first time Pop superstar herself.


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Monroe Steele said...

love those early Cher pictures! and that chocolate raspberry sounds delicious where can i get that! I'm a total tea lover!

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Shelly said...

I ♥ Coffee. And the raspberry one sounds so delicious. :))

Oh my god, Cher's hair is so awesome in the photo with lady Gaga! Haha, and the Madonna picture. :)) Madonna is amazing.

Great post as always, you're so awesome! XD

Adnan said...

I saw that article on style.com as well, she surely has worn a lot of great outfits, you can clearly see her transformation from the sweet and innocent 60's and 70's Cher to a.. well not so innocent Cher in the 80's and 90's.

Courtney by the way is a great singer.

Fashion's Religion said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! They're appreciated.

Adnan - Courtney Love is like my god. She is my all time favorite female singer, ever. Thanks for your comment!

xox Marcus

Anonymous said...

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