Green Is The Color Of My Heart

You guys must get tired of hearing about my obsessions... No? Well that's good because here is another. Now, I don't think I could call this an obsession more like a borderline stalker case. I am in love with all things to do with Adam Green. Who is Adam Green you ask? He is only the male counterpart to the mega hit duet band, The Moldy Peaches, and he is also a solo artist. Now, its not secret that I love/adore/want/love/love/love/LOVE him sooooo much. I told you, I'm kind of a stalker when it comes to Adam Green. Most teen boppin' girls seem to love Robert Pattinson these days.. well, I spit on Robert Pattinson. I happen to think Adam could kick Rob's ass in all aspects of life.

What leads me to bring up Adam Green you ask? Well since I stalk his life, including his blog and twitter I found this really cool photo shoot he just did with Napoleon Habeica Photography. The photos were so great I just had to share a few with you. Sit back and enjoy the show ladies and lads.

This couldn't possibly be a great Adam Green Post without his music.

Dance with me - Adam Green

All Photos From Napoleon Habeica Photography


Della said...

he's so fucking hot. mhhhm.

Perverse Beauty said...

What a cutie!! Glad I made your day...cause you made mine!

xx - Lera

cathy. said...

He looks so cool! I love the new header by the way :)