Chanel, The Strokes, and Magazines

I'm currently in the process of switching bedrooms. One that is bigger, so if it seems like I've been distant from blogging it's because I certainly have been. It's not that I've become bored with blogging, just that I've had other things on my plate. I've also spent plenty of time reviewing the pre-fall 2011 collections. One stunning collection after another. Chanel and their byzantine inspired collection was immaculate. Of course, Karl could almost never disappoint an avid fashion follower like myself. My favorite look from Chanel pre-fall 2011.

The slit shoulders really did me in as far as loving this look. I'm not a fan of the color, but there is no denying it's a stunning blue. The line and the silhouette of the garment would make any women feel fantastic, and the square, pretentious, beaded edging gives it that signature Chanel feel we all know and love. After viewing this collection I'm very excited to see the fall collection due out this February.

In music related news I read via Rollingstone Magazine that The Strokes are releasing a new album that is due out next year. I don't think I've ever been more eager in my life to get my hands on a music album. The Strokes are my all time favorite band, oh how I adore Julian Casablancas voice. I also read that The White Stripes are getting back together. Also one of my favorite bands, and who said 2011 wasn't going to be a good year?

Let's end this with one of my favorite Strokes songs.
Photo from of New York Magazine.


Perverse Beauty said...
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Perverse Beauty said...

Karl never fails to impress, and neither do you! I can totally relate about having a lot on your plate, it's absolutely maddening! Have a fab day darlin!

xx - Lera

cathy. said...

I actually like the description you wrote more than the Chanel (blasphemy, I know) but seriously, I love that blue so boo you :P

I WANT A BIGGER ROOM. mine is so cluttered, and it's not creative clutter, it's just messy clutter :(


Wallace Chapman said...

very pretty blue Chanel dress - w


Brittany said...

Thank you so much :) I'm obsessed with cut out shoulders right now, they're so damn sexy. Also Julian Casablancas is amazing and White Stripes back together again? You made my day! Not all news is bad news :)

Flashes of Style said...

Wow she is soo gorgeous, really. And I really love the white stripes! <33

salua said...

love it !
please follow me :) i follow you too ;)

Samantha Lui said...

Ahh. Certainly is that time of the year where we are all busy! I, too, love The Strokes and news of a new record coming out excites me!

By the way, I also changed my URL

Brittany said...

You're great, it made my day that I made your day. CHEESY. ha! I'm so jealous you've seen Dylan four times!! It's on my to-do list so I need to get on that!

Cheralee Lyle said...

I love love the pre fall Chanel too. The embellishments are devine!