Skiing with Jil Sander

I've just finished watching the Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2011 collection for the umpteenth time. "It was the perfect hybrid of skiwear and haute couture." Noted Tim Blankes of Style.com. I can't agree more. The prints on the garments were a little like being on a psychological trip, a lot of designers try and do that with clothes, but few succeed as well as Raf Simons did with this collection. Simons' inspiration was Louise Dahl-Wolfe's midcentury images of couture photographed in ski resorts; which resulted in a electric modern collection with what seemed like hints of a '30's silhouette. The best look of the show was the couture-esqu cocoon jacket paired with a sirup pants. It was an idea that was so twisted, so arcane--yet just as logical. The color palette was mostly of black and white, and hints of electric colors such as; blue, yellow, and green. I really loved the beautiful a-line jackets that seems to just fall away from the body. What I loved even more was that the models looked as though they loved wearing the clothes. I call that a very successful collection. I couldn't take my eyes off of the clothes, this collection was unquestioningly one of the best out of Milan; it was unquestioningly beautiful.
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Shelly. said...

This is what I call a perfect collection. It's wearable, it's unique, it's not monochromatic - lovely! :D I would wear most of those pieces. :)

Fashion's Religion said...

Yes, the collection is so useful, and all of the clothes are wearable. That is excellent.

Julia_Julia said...



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ABIGAIL NY said...

That is one of my favourite designers, love Jil Sander.


Glamour Monster said...

I can't stress how much I love your blog. I love the fashion, your writing style, everything. It's fabulous.

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