A Tribute to Haute Couture - Dreaming Of Another World

A short video of the photoshoot, Dreaming of Another World; the spread appeared in the March issue of Vogue Italia.
This spread was breathtaking, and left me feeling more inspired than I've felt in days. Please enjoy.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful but kind of creepy.


Shelly. said...

That was sooo creepy, but hauntingly beautiful. I love it.

Anonymous said...

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Roma said...

this is something walker would do. I think I like it though the gown in the last frame of the video looked very morticia meets twisted sister. Your right, now i feel like i can put together a really interesting outfit.

Anonymous said...

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thesselle said...

Oh God.
I'm in ecstasy.
It's damn creepy but I guess that's what makes it so impressing.