Fashion is a Religion for Men Too

By: Joseph Bairas
Contributing Editor

For all of the guys out there that think fashion isn't the world for them, well news flash! Fashion is for you too and there is no need to shy away from it. Even something as simple as shape. Shape can be used to help put together great outfits with hardly any effort for you. It's like this:

Squares and straight lines are Masculine shapes.

Circles and curved lines are Feminine shapes.

This is because guys tend to have square, stocky frames and jaw lines, where as women are typically curvy and have softer jaw lines. Simple right? Well, using the subliminal signals that those different lines cause can be used to shape the feeling you give off. If you wear a shirt with a square design and with khaki pants, it gives off a very masculine feel. Now you'd think, "That's good right, guys should look masculine." Well you're kind of right. In certain scenarios, that's the desired effect. But for the majority of the time when you're in town and about on the streets, sometimes a more balanced look is more attractive, such as wearing a shirt with a circle based print (or anything with curved lines as the main focus). This helps to give balance to your appearance, a fusion of curves and lines. Dressing too much into blocky things will make you seem over the top with masculinity. Grab some new tees and some skinny jeans perhaps to throw some curves onto your body.

(From Left: John Galliano, Dior Homme, Comme des Garcons, Burberry Prorsum)
(Images selected by Marcus Estvanko)  

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