Look of the Week: Emma Watson

This week I chose someone very special to my heart for the look of the week. There is not a single person on this planet that does not know her name. And if you don't know who she is, then get off of the computer right now, and get out from under your rock. My look of the week goes to none other than Emma Watson.

Here is she at one of her many Deathly Hallows promotions, sporting Alice by Teperley, and her fresh new pixie cut.

I adore Emma for many reasons, and if I were to list them all you would get bored reading this blog, so I'll get right to the point. She one one of those few women that can do no wrong when it comes to style. I'm in love with her personal style because she is so girly with a hint of tasteful elegance. Emma is the epitome of British Fashion, she is the face of Burberry after all. She could walk out of the house wearing nothing but beer bottle caps and tooth floss, but still hold herself like she was the goddess of fashion and style. That is why she is my look of the week.



fashion_freak said...

fantastic post - although emma's new hairstyle doesn't amaze me really.

fashion_freak, editor of www.myfashionlustlist.blogspot.com

Jenna said...

Love Emma's style...one of my favorites. And I appreciate the edgy hairstyle she is going for but I miss her old locks :(
Great blog!


Anonymous said...

Her haircut is wonderful!