Music and Fashion. My Oh My.

Fashion is art for the body, and music is art for the ears. Although my life revolves around the latest trends, the hottest items, and up and coming designers. But something that I am just as passionate about is music. My love of music came from a young age. Being a pre-teen music can virtually get you through anything. Break-ups, arguments, studying, boredom. Etc. And now that I am an adult I appreciate music more than ever. So I thought I would take this blog and post my favorite music icons who are known both for their amazing style and amazing music.

My first pick is the one and only Madonna. Madonna is the vintage Lady GaGa. It kind of bothers me that these days youth believes that GaGa started the trend of dressing like she just walked out of the circus, but ladies and gents, Madonna was doing it way before you were born. Don't get my wrong I am not speaking ill of GaGa, even I am a proud little monster. But Madonna is really the one who started it all with the crazy fashion.

My second pick is the British beauty, M.I.A. She takes street-chic to a whole new level. Whenever I see fan pics of her on the street, it looks like she tries to dress down, but it's style at its best.

If I didn't have Lady GaGa in here somewhere then I wouldn't be true to myself. That is why she is my third pick. She is artistic and unique. What's not to like?

And my last music icon is none other than Courtney Love. She is Americas sweetheart, and she is my sweetheart. She is by far one of my favorite female singers. I just love how anti-feminism she is, and how she could care less how anyone thinks of her. She plays off the grunge look well.



Ire A said...

M.I.A has great style, and of course I love Lady Gaga!


Fashion's Religion said...

I get really excited when I see one of my favorite celebs in a flawless outfit, but then I have to remind myself that most of the time they have a stylist pick out their clothes for them. M.I.A. just dresses so well that she takes clothes to a whole other level.

Two Girls One Closet said...

Yeah, it does kind of bother me that a lot of people think Gaga was the ONLY musician out there to step up and wear these outrageous outfits, when it was really Madonna who started that trend. But, the two are iconic in their own way and Gaga has her own spin on things. The stuff she wears is never the same as Madonna, after all. I think people should give more credit to Madonna, though, and not just to Lady Gaga. Great post!

High Fashion Whore said...

Madonna as a vintage lady gaga, haha! Love it. So true. And thanks for dropping the comment babe.