Obsession of the Week: Jahaira "Hunter" Morales' Art

First let me just say that I'm sorry I haven't been updating. I've been busy with family stuff all weekend. Anyway when I first started my summer college classes I was excited and nervous all at the same time, I mean it was college. So a few days into my Journalism class I met this really cool girl named Jahaira. We started talking via Facebook, and I was quickly drawn to her because of her amazing sense of style, witty way of thinking, and sharp tongue.

Her main interest was fashion, she also has aspirations of being a fashion journalist, the only difference was she has more talent than me and will go further in her career then I could dream. Seriously guys, this chick is amazing at what she does and she's only a college student. But it was later that I found out that she--like me--did art in her spare time. She posted a some of her artwork on Facebook and I become so intrigued by it. Her style is very Pop Art with a contemporary feel. I loved it because for me was very nostalgic. It took me back to simpler times, when I was child. Her art work reminded me of being inside of the mind of a child, but in such an amazing way. Here is some of her work, enjoy them as much as I did.

She has tons more where that came from, you can view her online portfolio by clicking here. Her artwork is much more than just an obsession for a week. I want my apartment to be full of it.

Also on a side note, my family is here from Ohio, and we are out and about showing them around Las Vegas. So I don't have much time to get online to update, but I'm going to try, and I have finals this week! Ahhh. I'm nervous.


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