The Beginning of the New Year - Fashion Week

That's right everyone it has once again approached - the January in fashion, the new year - It's September, which means fashion week. Starting tomorrow we have nine days of none stop shows. Clothes! oh the clothes! There is only one slight problem. This year I am in college and have no time for anything other than my college work so hopefully I'll have plenty of time to review shows. For New York's fashion week I'm most excited for Vera Wang and Donna Karan. As for London I'm only looking forward to Burberry. Now Paris and Milan are different stories, I will most likely review every show during their fashion weeks. Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Prada, Lanvin, the list goes on and on... I think I'm in love, with clothes that is.

I thought I would take the time to go back in time and look at my favorite looks from the 2009-2010 Sping/Summer Fashion season.

(From Left: Vera Wang, Valentino, Oscar De La Renta)

(From Left: Carolina Herrera, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen)

(From Left: Lanvin, Chanel, Christian Dior)

Don't ask me why I chose nine looks, nine just sounded good at the time, but god those are such stunning ensombles. But what kind of fashion blog would this be if I didn't post some beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, magnificant shoes? Who could ever forget the show stopper at the Alexander McQueen show? The Armadillo Stiletto. They send shivers down my spine.

Those shoes are beyond amazing, there are no words for shoes like those. I would give my first born child just to try a pair on. They are breath taking.

Also I thought since we are approaching the Fall Season I would dig up an one of my all time favorite fall collections. Ever. This is John Galliano's 2009 Fall/Winter show. It's only the first part, but it's still a wonderful show.

Stay stylish everyone, and happy fashion week.


(All Photos from Style.com.)

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Two Girls One Closet said...

I am so excited for Fashion Week!
Btw, thanks so much for your comment. It was awesome to hear your opinion and it really made me think. And you wouldn't believe how happy I was to hear that you liked my blog and checked it every day - I kind of started it on a whim, so I was ecstatic that one of my favourite fashion bloggers actually told me he CHECKS IT EVERY DAY! LOL. Thanks so much again. I adore your blog. You're amazing.