Marc Jacobs + Lady GaGa = V magazine

Today one of my closest friends posted something on my facebook wall. It was a blog entry by, Oh No They Didn't?! talking about the new cover(s) of the latest V Magazine. Naturally I become breathless and almost died (that's what I tend to do when I get really excited about something), because on the cover of this months V Magazine features two people that I hold very dear to my heart; Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga. Not only that, but you can buy three different versions of the covers, of which each one done by a different yet talented artist.

Art Work By: Dan Colen

Art Work By: Nate Lowmen

Art Work By: Spencer Sweeney

Aren't they lovey? I am praying like crazy that my subscription kicks in and I get this issue!

I probably wont be blogging much over the holiday weekend, so this is where I say to everyone. Stay safe, and stay stylish!

Happy Weekened!


(All photos from V Magazine.com)

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