In the Mind of Someone GaGa - And It Feels Like White Lightning

One of the few dresses GaGa wore to the VMA's this year. Yes, I know this is old news. This is so 4 days ago, but I have been busy with Fashion Week and with college. So I'm just now posting it. The meat dress was something else, but that is so like GaGa. I also really liked the green flower dress with the McQueen Heels, and feather Mohawk.

What did you guys think of her attire this year? And did you guys enjoy the show? I enjoyed the red carpet more than the actual show.

In other news, London's Fashion Week starts in two days! Who's ready? I'm ready for Burberry.

Also check out this amazing blog called White Lightning. Elizabeth Spiridakis is my idol, and my future wife.

Stay Stylish


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