The Raveonettes, Black & White, and The Craft

Today I am having a very black and white kind of day. I always feel most inspired when I'm sporting the two colors. It's also very close to that time of the year again. All Hallows Eve. A day of fun for some, and Christmas to others. What are you guys going to be for Halloween? As for me, I haven't really decided yet. I still have a few days to decided

I found some amazing pictures of Gareth Pugh's ss2009 collection. Black and white at its best. Just looking at the stills gave me intense butterflies, that my children is how I know it's a goody.

I'm speechless, those clothes are beautiful.

This song just started playing on my Itunes, and I felt as though it was a sign to share it all with you. Enjoy Here Comes Mary by The Raveonettes.

Happy almost Halloween everyone!

(Craft Photo from The Style Rookie)


Shelly said...

You're like my favorite blogger. : D
I'm loving the inspiration + the Cruella picture?! SO AWESOME! Totally matches the runway pictures. The song is great, thanks for posting it, now I have another favorite band!

Have a great day, Shelly.
(I feel weird commenting on all your posts, but your blog is just so awesome! lol.)

Shelly said...

blah, correction!

Have a great day,

from Shelly.

much better now.

Fashion's Religion said...

Shelly, you're the sweetest! Thanks for being a follower and fan. It's much appreciated! And don't feel weird for commenting on all my posts. I honestly love it!

xox Marcus

Jack's Playhouse, the blog said...

Wow I love the post and the raveonettes. YOour blog's cool.


Fashion's Religion said...

Thank you Jacqueline!


jessica said...

all beautiful and great inspirations. i probably watched The Craft a million times when it first came out!

happy halloween!

iUnderEye said...

Hey Marcus,

you have won the Lanvin shoes from my 200-follower giveaway, please inbox me your address for me to send across.

Congrats. xx


Anna said...

What an amazing blog! I love your wonderful and INSPIRING ideas! The Cruella picture is epic!

Please visit me at: http://stylekaleidoscope.blogspot.com/

agent 0017 said...

love the raveonettes :) oh and the clothes are soo cool!

love your blog; its great!