Oh Nostalgia, Part My Hair Down The Middle

I hope you've all enjoyed your holidays. As for me I had a great time with my grandparents. So all weekend on the IFC channel there has been a Freaks and Geeks marathon. Freaks and Geeks is one of the worlds coolest shows. (Even Times Magazine thinks so!) Unfortunately NBC didn't think it was all that cool, so they cancelled the show after the first season and 13 episodes. So why am I talking about such a glorious show you ask? Well the show is set in 1980 around a bunch of high school students trying to get through life, and it's apparent that the 1970's fashions and lifestyle has not yet be shoved out by flashy clothes and hair! Which leads to the inspiration of this post. If it's not already apparent I'm an old soul, and I've forever longed to grow up as a teenager in the 70's. It's one of my favorite eras. Everything about it is so amazing! The bell bottoms, the music, and the middle hair parts! Everything.

And the women! As beautiful as they were in the 70's, they were finally starting to get their own voice! Women were becoming rock & roll stars. (Joan Jett & Lita Ford!) Women were finally saying, "WE DON'T WANT TO BE BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT! WE WANT TO FUCK AND WE WANT TO ROCK!" And the 70's is when people were becoming sexually free. Oh how I long to go back and time and experience all of that.

1970's inspired looks were shown all over the runway this spring. One of my all time favorite collections was Marc Jacob's Spring 2011 collection. All inspired by the 1970's. Here are some of my favorite looks.

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Runway photos from style.com


Cheralee Lyle said...

I wanna be Lindsay Weir!

Fashion's Religion said...

I love her! She is such a muse to me. And a brilliant actress.

sayablack said...

Wow, I adore Marc collection too!!!

Thnx for sharing<3


Closet Fashionista said...

I loved that show too! I remember watching it when it first aired with my parents and sister, haha :D

Pinero-Solano said...

I love this show! I got the box set for Xmas this year!!!

Ellinor Forje said...

The John Travolta photo takes the prize. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too when you have time.


cathy. said...

John Francis Daley is so incredibly cute. I love him in Bones.

I'm trying to get my hair to middle part as I type, but it's being stubborn. I think I'll go wash it and then blow dry it and then iron my head on the ironing board. That should do it.


Dressed up Alligator said...

oh my,
i should be living as a freak in freaks and geeks, i should be a teen in the 70's.
unfair stupid late birth.
i love your writings, are you also designing sewing and so?

Shelly said...

Ahhh, I love the 70's! And the Marc Jacobs collection! And your blog. :)