Burberry Prorsum - 2011 Men's Fall/Winter

Iconic for their use of plaid and London-esque trench coats, Burberry surprised me this season. They surprised me for sticking to their edgy punk style. After last season and the not-so-great reviews they received on their womenswear Spring/Summer 2011 collection. I'm even more surprised because I actually liked this collection. It was a good thing I decided to wake up early to view the live show streaming from Business of Fashion.

Christopher Bailey was really celebrating the weather-fighting coat this season. "As a nation, we have this obsession with the weather, and I wanted to explore that, and to celebrate the coat," he told Women's Wear Daily. This collection featured an array of styles and materials, including sculptural stiff wools, bright toggles, and even a very nifty clear poncho, shown to us as they made it rain on the runway. Fur was definitely a trend to be seen, as Bailey used it on 1/3 of the coats and even more creatively on lepels, collars, and hats.

(All photos from Women's Wear Daily.)


Shelly. said...

Lovely review as usual. :) I like the collection, especially the first fur coat - very nice. But what's with the raincoats at the end? Pretty epic though!


cathy. said...

Heck yeah clear raincoats. I really like the idea of see-through umbrellas and raincoats, makes me happy.

I was kind of expecting mixed reactions to that post and I've never posted anything that was challenging (and dare I say it, controversial) so it made me feel like a rebel. I loved the styling and the pictures themselves, it was just how cute the kids were that weirded me out. :P


jessica said...

this is a departure from typical Burberry's typical style. i love it!

Dooshi said...

Clear cape is all I need in my life! Ok almost all :)
I agree with each word that you have typed! Great collection!

blorange dice said...

wow!!! i could really use a rain coat like that. it's so cool being clear!!