Matthew Reid Interview: Illustrator Extraordinaire

A few weeks ago in the early morning I checked my email, like I do every morning. But that particular morning I had an email from Matthew Reid, an illustrator based out of New York City. I really liked his illustrations, and Matthew offered to do an interview.

How did you become interested in Illustration?
My dream job was to be a cartoonist. I would get sick all the time as a child, and my mother would always get me comic books and "How to draw cartoon" books. I also didn't have too many friends as kid, so I had to rely on my imagination. I guess all that kind of built a strong foundation for me. As a teenager, skateboarding, graffiti and music were my life. They helped me through life's most confusing times. As I got older, my brain started acting crazy and drawing was the only thing that would keep me calm and sane. In so many words, art has always been a huge part of my life, as subtle as it may have been at times.

Where do you pull your inspiration from?
I am constantly inspired by everything I see and hear. Most of my work is pulled from some random and repressed memories, day dreams and dreamland, nature and my fears. I spent a good portion of my time exploring imaginary lands, so its only natural that I would document my experiences.

Did you go to school for illustration? If so, where?
I went to Marist College, in Poughkeepsie, NY for Fine Arts. The program was very small and isolated from the rest of the school, making seem more like a big family.

How were you experiences in school?
Honestly, it was amazing. I had two professors who changed my life , Ed Smith and Donise English. They allowed me to make my own mistakes, and were always there to help me pick up the pieces. They were incredibly supportive of everything I did.
During those years of my life, I reached some of the lowest points I have ever been at. Without my small, but very tight, group of friends and understanding professors, I would not be here today.

What is your favorite media?
Most of my work is ink and water colors. I still do murals and legal walls, so spray paint is also a favorite.

Do you work free-lance and for yourself or do you work for another company?
I work for myself as well as free-lance. In 2010 I had a wonderful opportunity to work with Click 3x, Discovery Channel and the X-Games on a skateboard auction to raise money for Oceana. I also did some work for the Spiderman Broadway play Turn off the Dark.

Where has some of your illustrations been featured?
I do group and solo shows all over the place, mostly New York and Philadelphia though. I also do murals and commissions. Currently, I am working on some top secret stuff, so check my website for random updates... 2011 is going to be a good year!

Anything else you wanted to add?
Follow me on twitter, I post a doodle everyday! @IAmMatthewReid
I honestly have the greatest and most supportive people in my life. My family and friends are constantly helping me up when I fall flat on my face. They know who they are and they know I love them all! I also want to thank everyone who comes out to meet me or emails me or anything else... I am so grateful and appreciative that my crappy artwork means something to you. And thank you Marcus for this interview!

For updates on Matthew's art and life, you can follow him on Twitter or visit his website.


Eunice Yooni Kim said...

i love that you're feature people like him on your blog. dope.

Fashion's Religion said...

I love to help anyone who possess talent. I like his work, and I thought people should know about it.

Slow Fashioned said...

great interview! i love his work!

Jess C. said...

I met him at group showing in Brooklyn last year. Absolutely adorable and quirky not to mention super talented! This interview was lovely to read! Nice job :)

cathy. said...

I wish I could draw half as well as him :(


Meg said...

Amazing! I love him!


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