Galliano Fired From Christian Dior

By now, I am sure you are all well aware of the recent events, involving Christian Dior's Chief Designer, John Galliano. Galliano drunkenly made anti-semetic remarks to a couple in a Paris bar. The morning I read this in the New York Times, I was disgusted. I was disgusted by the fact that something so far from beautiful still existed in our world. Being proudly Jewish, the things that came out of Galliano's mouth, things like, "I love Hitler", and "You're mothers and forefathers would all be dead... gassed", made me realize that no matter what you do as a career; no matter how beautiful your craft is, you can still be an ugly person. It is vile and sad to think that Galliano carries those kinds of thoughts with him. My heart does go out to him, and I hope he seeks the help necessary for his well-being.

Also, I am very proud of the actions Dior took; they immediately suspended Galliano, investigated the matter further and eventually fired him. I am proud that, like most of celebrities today, he didn't just get a tap on the wrist, and made to give a fake apology for his actions. It shows that no matter how famous or well-known you are in your industry, you still must suffer the consequences of your own actions.

(Galliano Photos from the New York Times)


Ben said...

I am learning about the holocaust at school in social studies and I just can't belive anyone would think that way anymore. It's terrible that he said those things but he worked for Dior for so long it will be strange to see who's replacing him. I can't belive he was just fired like that.


Shelly. said...

I absolutely agree with you. I wonder who will take his place. Such a pity - he's an amazing designer, but it's his fault for saying such disgusting things. Very well written post.

cathy. said...