Lets Get One Thing Straight, I Am a Fag With a Computer

Today I received a very interesting email. The person felt as though they should be very colorful with their language. That's why I'm not posting the entire thing. But here is the only part of the email I took real notice to, it said, "You should just give up and kill yourself. Your blog is sh** and your fashion advice is sh**. You are a faggot with a computer, your opinion doesn't matter."

So let me just say, you're correct. My opinion doesn't matter. I'm not Anna Wintour, Glenda Bailey, or Robbie Myers. I do not work for a fashion magazine where a million girls would kill for my job. I am simply a person with an interest in fashion who would like to share my interests with others.

So let me just say this. I am very blessed, I have friends and family who support my career goals and dreams, I have ambition, and I have a blog that I care about very much. So the next time you try and send hate mail "expressing" your opinion. remember, you are just a sad person hiding behind a computer, and I feel sorry for you.

Stay Stylish Everyone



fashion_freak said...

honey, if you haver haters, that means you're somebody. i'd be proud, if i were you. but don't give a damn. you're the best.

fashion_freak said...

haver = have, sorry :)

nikol said...

agreed. you're really no one till you have some haterrs~

Ire A said...

Wow this is insane. Fashion_freak is right though, if you have haters that means you are really somebody :)


Fashion's Religion said...

You know, I just hate how people don't like to see you succeed. People in this world doesn't want hear you're doing well for yourself. It's just stupid how some people can react to such small things. I'm happy, so none of what they said to me pissed me off. I'm just grateful for the life I have.

xoxox. Thanks everyone. <3

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