Spring/Summer 2011 RTW - Rochas

I'm going to start off by saying, Because Paris does it better. I have been to eager for Pairs since well Fall/Winter Fashion Week! I have no doubt in my mind that one day I'll be planning my whole year around Paris Fashion Week. As for now I'm trying to plan my days around Paris, but it's impossible with my college work... Oh college how you keep me from doing EVERYTHING.

So I've viewed a lot of collections this season and to be honest I've been a bit bored. I haven't really seen anything that's exciting or so fashion forward for me. But then I finally sat down and viewed tons of collections from Paris and of course I was impressed with just about everything I viewed. Top of my list, Rochas.

Rochas featured a lot of retro silk florals. Usually I become very bored with viewing florals for Spring, but there was something different about this collection, maybe it's just my Paris fever but the florals looked more like crazy prints. Oh and as you know I can't go long without writing a post about sunglasses. The sunglasses were beyond gold. They literally sent shivers down my spine. Here are my favorite looks from the runway.

There is nothing negative that I can say about this collection. Other than I wish there were more beautiful garments to look at.

Okay, so who else has Paris fever? What is everyone excited for? I'm so looking forward to viewing Chanel. I'm jumping off of my seat just thinking about it. I'm going to be sad when Fashion Week is over.

Stay Stylish



Ginta said...

French do it better :)
I know not all designers showing in Paris are French but I just remembered old Demon Ritchie's song and a phrase from it :) And I think it fits :)

About designers - Dries is my love and he didn't let me down this time too :)

Fashion's Religion said...

The french do everything better! Except well speak English I guess. haha. I'm obsessed with French Fashion, Marie Antoinette is my fashion icon.

Thanks for the comment sweet pea.