Rei Kawakubo Tells It Like It Is

Today I was reading Women's Wear Daily and came across an exclusive interview with Commes des Garçon's designer and owner, Rei Kawakubo. Kawakubo is notorious for creating one of a kind, avant-garde looks, such as the inside out tennis shoe. And it was Kawakubo who was behind the Commes des Garçon perfume that smelled like exactly bug spray.
(Commes des Garcon spring/summer 2011)

Something she said in the interview really caught my eye. Kawakubo said, "There are very few. [Rei was referring to young designers that she liked or had her eye on] There are few people who, like us, have the values and the way of thinking to really try hard. They lack discipline. And it's not just fashion, I think…[young people] get satisfied too easily. They're not strict enough with themselves. They’re too soft on themselves."

I personally agree with Rei Kawakubo's statement. But most importantly, I really want to know how you all feel about this statement? Do you think Rei is correct? Or do you think she is absolutely selfish for thinking such a thing.

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(Photos from WWD.com & Style.com)


Doni Brown said...

I don't see how she could be selfish, but I feel that she is completely right. That statement just made me step back and ask myself am I pushing myself hard enough. Thanks for posting!


Eunice Yooni Kim said...

i agree with her, and yet i recognize the disposability with my own fancies.

Dooshi said...

Rei, oh Rei... how does she manage to make those wrong things to look so right?!??

sara said...

read the same article - what a dame!


Lobler and Delaney said...

I read the same article - what a dame!


Style, She Wrote said...

I love REI! She is so right. xo style, she wrote

minnja said...




cathy. said...

I do agree. I was listening to the radio one day (if you don't want to waste time, I suggest you stop reading here) and they were talking about how singers now aren't as disciplined as they used to be since they're content with not-particularly-skilled pop and how famous opera singers back in the day worked all their lives to sing great roles which they did as late as their 40s and 50s. Cool story, I know. I'm gonna go now. :/


Brittany said...

Thanks so much! And I completely agree with her, I really enjoy your fashion news stories by the way!

Nayantara Sam said...

Rei Kawakubo, you hit the nail,on the head. Everytime I read something about her I burst into Tavi G's rap on H&M/ Rei. Great post!

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Ellinor Forje said...

Part of the the statement makes sense. We live in a time where we are all spoon fed. Thanks for sharing the interview and photos, and drop by me too when you have time.


Bonnie said...

This is fascinating. I agree.


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I like her high standards

<3, New Follower